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Grandma's Yummy Cupcakes

An engaging story about two little girls, Ryder and Bailz, who goes to visit their grandma for the summer.   During this time, they not only learn how to bake Grandma’s delicious cupcakes, but they also unravel the secret that makes grandma’s cupcakes taste so yummy. The icing on the cupcake is the girls are thrilled, that Grandma finally feels, that they are ready to learn this amazing skill and that they will be sharing this experience together.

During their visit, they also discover the importance of love, bonding, family history, building legacy, and starting their own business as Kidpreneurs.  It incorporates math (measuring), reading, and comprehension skills that are the foundation of every child’s development.

Grandma's ABC's of Growing Up

From A to Z, this adorable and entertaining alphabet book presents insights that help children and adults understand and discuss values, expectations, and life changing lessons for children as they grow up and encounter some of life's rewards and challenges.  

In "Grandma's ABC's of Growing Up" every page leaves a powerful message for children to remember long after they have read this book.  Filled with beautiful illustrations and dynamic poetry, this book is specifically designed to inspire kids but valuable for everyone.

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